1. Sequel to Duke Nukem Forever.

2. A videogame by Silicon Knights that was announced at the 1999 E3 for the original PlayStation, then moved to the Nintendo GameCube, was cancelled, announced again, and is currently in line to be released for the Xbox 360. No release date is known.
"Is that <insert item here> been delayed AGAIN?! Will it come bundled with Too Human? (for use only when "Will it come bundled with Duke Nukem Forever?" has already been used by another posterin the current thread on your favourite forum).

"Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed so many time, one might think it will be relased together with Too Human!"
by Scott Tribbleswatter June 15, 2007
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Something to say to hypocritical girls, who think every thing a boy does is wrong, even when they do it themselves or to girls who cry when someone doesn’t like them back, but acts cold-hearted to people who do like her.
Stephane keeps indirect tweeting about Jimmy not liking her back, but she also doesn’t care about Bob’s feelings towards her. Damn, Boys are humans too
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