An anomaly where too much of a good thing is a bad thing.
"The waiter tripped, the cashier dropped the change, someone leaped over a shrub to hold a door, my date stuttered, I was asked for a business card while pumping gas, and while working out, a man blurted out he wanted me to know he's straight and no longer married. But nobody *really* tried to talk to me. Why?"

"You are Too Beautiful. Dumb it down."
by Ordinary Girl, Crazy World March 27, 2013
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girl: I can't wait to see you so we can talk about our feelings, review our psychological insights , as they pertain to our existential plight and our collective unconscious. They we can paint each other's fingernails, hold hands and sing "Kumbaya, my lord". I can't wait.

boy: girl, you're just too beautiful. I can't hold my erection; it has a mind of it's own and will take over the whole friggin park. Fuck your Kumbaya, bitch.

girl: Oh wow, I'm so flattered and it looks like that's really the only thing you want with me. Can't you just relieve yourself with your souvenir nudes? Also can I have a copy? And some cake?

boy: I don't know. I have to eat this borscht before I can make a decision. My grandmother made it. Want some?

girl: no thanks, borscht gives me the barfs, bro.
by angie O edema June 29, 2018
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When someone is so beautiful you struggle to comprehend it or you automaticly assume they are above your league.
by Karebernt September 11, 2021
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An excellent podcast put on by Luke Burbank, Jen Andrews, and Sean DeTore. The podcast stems from a radio show by the same name (often abbreviated "TBTL") that was cancelled on September 11, 2009.

Based in Seattle, Washington, it is often described as the "Seinfeld" of talk radio. Popular segments include Awesome/Not Awesome, This Day in TBTL History, Music for Your Weekend, and Cooking with Sean DeTore.

The show's blog and podcasts can be found at
I was listening to Too Beautiful to Live today and it was freaking hilarious.
by A Ten September 13, 2009
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