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Tony Harrison is possibly the most hilarious character ever created in television history. He appears in the episode "Nanegeddon" of the TV series "The Mighty Boosh."
You should be embarassed if you don't know who he is.
Tony Harrison...

"This is an outrage"
"Oh my word.... are we back to the crunch?"
"Saboo you slaaaaggggg"
by Tony H August 06, 2006
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The famous character from TV show The Mighty Boosh, Tony Harrison is a sarcastic pink bladder, with tentacles and a gift for strategy. He also comes equipped with a papoose.
Tony Harrison: "I say we move quickly... erm... with haste. We retreive that book... uh... we fetch it back... in a bag..."
Dennis: "Oh dear..."
Tony Harrison: "Give me five minutes, Ill think of something!"

Tony Harrison: "You absolute jerkoff!"
Saboo: "How dare you, you cleft!"

Tony Harrison: "THIS IS AN OUTRAAAGE!"
by Leeko22Arsenal June 15, 2008
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