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When you have an uneasy, heart aching, unstoppable pit in your stomach that just wont go away no matter how hard you try. It happens when you have just been broken up with, or when there is trouble in your love life.
"Lisa what's wrong sweetie, why are you so upset?"

"Joe is making me feel Tonky because he said he's having doubts about us :("
by cumqueen56 May 23, 2013
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instead of silly goose, "you tonky truck!"

1. Aicha, get yo tonky ass ova hurr mutha fucker
2. dude that kid is one tonky ass mofo
by max k January 31, 2005
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Meaning the thing you sit on when you release a bowel movement or pee-TOILET

Also meaning when you are having a very comfortable shat(not shit)! (look up shat for better understanding)
"Everyone im about to get on the tonky and i dont want to be disturbed!"

"Dang Billy you been on the tonky for over an hour now, is it that good??"
by falalalalalalalala!! February 17, 2009
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adjective. describing a person (typically female) of a chubby nature. chubby; as in total fat ass. commonly associated with being the absolute defintion of a whore.
jenny: wow, that fatass sleeps with everyone doesn't she?
jill: yeah, i fucking hate that tonky bitch.
by b_squareddddddddd December 06, 2008
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Usually not good, something that is not meant to be there can be referred to as β€˜tonk’. If you are feeling tonky you are not feeling good. And you may have tonk on you if you stand up after sitting on grass etc. Can be used in multiple contexts.
Man1: oh man! Look at this tonky tonk on my leg! Yuck!
Man2: what the tonk!
by Doglover1132 December 23, 2017
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