Usually small and black, has a nice ass and massive boobs, people would say she was a classic wifey material. Would do anything for the ones she loves. She is just all round beautiful and carries a good spirit get on her bad side she will mess you up.
Wow, you have a tonisha your so lucky!!
by Confusedteen October 26, 2016
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Tonisha is a boy that when he gets drunk rocks the dance floor with his wicked moves. He thinks he's Thug Life but he's actually a very nice guy!
You go Tonisha!
Amazing Tonisha
by TonishaFans February 13, 2019
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tonisha is a ginger girl that is very antisocial and spends most of her time inside, although if her friends are getting drunk she will come out to have an excuse to get lesbian. everyone loves a tonisha or (nisha) and she is the sexiest ginger ever and is great.
A: "is tonisha out tonight?"
B: "are we getting drunk?"
A: "yeah"
B: " then yeah obviously :)"
by tittybash4325643dasdf December 24, 2013
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