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The Tonberry race is a proud one. Aproxomatly knee-high, maybe a little higher, the average Tonberry is a scavenger, roaming the desert landscape he inhabits to discover food, to slaughter it with his chef's knife, and to return to his tribe to share the catch. These little creatures are also equipped with lanterns to see their way home at night, as their large yellow eyes require a lot of light to see anything at all. They are green, slightly leathery and soft to the touch, with little beaklike mouths and no opposable thumbs of note.

The Tonberry society is hierarchical, there seems to be some sort of a King position in some circles, though how the King is chosen is unknown. The King is responsible for protecting the others, so it is likley that he does less hunting and more training. All of the tonberries wear simple burlap-like robes and shoes, but the King also wears a gold crown that hovers a few inches over his head.

Tonberries are quite intelegent and capable of speech. However, the speech is not so much oral as telepathic, as their mouths are not refined enough to produce speech.

It is very difficult to kill a Tonberry, but to prove one's strength to the Tonberry order, one must often kill many to lure out the King, in order to defeat him. A Tonberrry is a valuable ally.
The Tonberry King stepped ahead of the band of Tonberries to present the adventurers with a treasured gift - his lantern, by which the adventurors could summon him in battle.
by antisan January 07, 2006
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A very small and green creature with a fishlike tail, a plain brown robe, a Chef's knife and a lantern.

From a series of games called final fantasy.

Seems harmless until it actually comes close enough to "Doink" you with its knife.
Huh? what's this?


by Copu_wheel_Kakashi March 31, 2004
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A small, green creature from the Final Fantasy series. Wears a cloak and carries a knife and lantern. At first, they appear very docile, and are often underestimated. Tonberries have immense HP, and are immune to most status problems. Their attacks can often KO in one hit.
"Look, it's a tonberry, Cloud! Better use that 'flee command' again! What's that Cloud? You think you can take him? Nice knowing you!"
by DarthLuigi36 March 11, 2005
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The Tonberry ranks, from lowest to highest:

-Master Pug
-Master Tonberry
-Don Tonberry
-Tonberry Chef
-Tonberry King
-Mega Tonberry!
Tonberry takes 10 minutes to sneak up on you even though it's in plain sight, carrying a lantern at its side. Just then it leaps into action!


You die.
by Tonberry King June 04, 2006
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1. A small green humanoid monster that wears brown robes and wields a tiny knife. May or may not be holding a lamp. See: Final Fantasy
2. Somebody you don't take seriously until it's too late
(2) Ouch! That tonberry got me!
by Mushroom Hyren December 03, 2003
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A small green creature with a fish-like tail. Always seen wearing brown robes and wielding a small knife. May or may not be wielding a lantern

A small figure approaches slowly from the shadows. One step, followed by another and so on until this creature and you are both standing face to face. Suddenly!! DOINK~! Death by Tonberry
by magnumreloader October 28, 2008
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1) a greenish creature wearing robes with chef knife, a lantern and a fish-like tail
2)the creature u run while u still can...
*note* damages everything with the attack everyone's grudge
Run!! It's a tonberry
by Ice May 31, 2004
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