A wild specimen of human with blonde fur and fair skin, distinguished from the tom species by a z relating to its zebra like always-changing-story nature. Rarely a threat to civilized humans even tho it approaches gyms from time to time. Its mates are often ill-informed and dogged for ugly bitches of the canine specimen in appearance, yet the tomz specimen enjoys shying away from sexual encounters. Evidently specimen is unable to drive, tho can be seen frolicking around with jumbucks, of which, squashed white is its favourite. Usually bred from a milf specimen, it is a somewhat disappointing offspring, yet leaves hope for its own offspring, that is if the tomz can mate with something other than the male species, which scientists have been unable to prove, causing some to give up hope.

Mate 1: "Whats cracking mate?"
Tomz: *inaudible growl*
Mate 1: "Umm... ok"
Tomz: *proceeds to chase fugly bitch*
Mate 1: "interesting creature"
by Ben-ja-min September 08, 2008
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