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When giving your ho a standing 69 just before you cum pull out shoot her in the eye and tombstone the bitch straight to hell.
I was enjoying some sweet stand up 69 with Gill last night, got my nut off and then hit the best tombstone Pile-driver since Wrestlemania 13. Rest. In. Peace.
by Rob21920 May 01, 2018
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The move that Kane, Undertaker, or Bret Hart did. It is a piledriver that has your stomach facing inward instead of outward like a normal piledriver. Has the same effect as normal piledriver.
Fuck!! Kane just tombstone piledrivered Undertaker.
by Fatty December 17, 2003
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It is a smack which was introduced by many wrestlers. In this smack one have to turn over the opponent's head between the legs and then have to pull the legs of opponent's upwards so that the opponents head would hang .then you have to be kneel down so that you have to struck opponent's head in the ground.
by Tombstone piledriver August 31, 2016
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a sexual manuever usually performed by two wrestlers in public. It closely resembles the 69 position, only standing up.
undertaker just gave oral pleasures to his brother kane, in public, via the tombstone piledriver
by Jimmy the Reaper August 18, 2006
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A sexual act in which (most commonly) a Man and Woman are performing The Standing 69 Sex position and right before the dude busts a nut, he pulls out and shoots it in the the girl’s eye and Tombstone Pile Drives that hoe straight to hell.
A Chad: β€œBro, you should have seen my girl last night after I Tombstone Pile Drived her!”

Another Chad: β€œBro, only lamo’s do the Tombstone Pile Driver!”
by Who’s Existential? July 18, 2019
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