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The relationship pairing of Sokka and Toph Bei Fong from Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender. Proponents cite the various instances throughout the show where Toph is shown to have a crush on Sokka, and how their markedly opposing personalities complement each other. Despite their differences, they both seem to share an affinity for sarcasm. However, this pairing is primarily fanon as Sokka ends up with the Kyoshi Warrior Suki. Nevertheless, Toph and Sokka care deeply for each other, frequently risking their lives to save one another.
Tokka shipper: Toph and Sokka make such a cute couple! I wish they ended up together.
by toph bei fong is awesome May 01, 2011
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The pairing of Toph and Sokka in the popular Nickelodeon kid's series "Avatar the Last Airbender"
"Even though I love Tokka...there aren't many fans"
by OneTwoLetsDance November 19, 2006
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the name of a rare syndrom which involves staying home from work for over a year playing diablo 2
im tired of this crap, im pulling a tokka
by mordi August 29, 2005
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