In Australian culture, the concept of the token beer, is the consumption of an alcoholic beverage usually a beer in the afternoon before the utilisation of the drug MDMA. The Token Beer is merely a facade for the consumer before they launch right into the session.
Jase: hey mate we getting on the gear tonight?
Sam: Yeah mate what are we doing before?
Jase: Come to mine around 3 for a few token beers then we will get on the Jono Thurstons later in the Uber to revs!
by Al Geoffies March 20, 2018
Another word for Beer Vouchers, these are small, usually coloured, pieces of paper with the queen's/president's/a national hero's head on them that the nice man at the bar will take and in return give you lovely alcoholic beverages.
Andy: Are you coming to the pub now?
Chris: Yes, I'm on my way. I've just got to get some beer tokens out from the ATM and I'll be with you.
by mikeyk March 4, 2006
Money specifically used for the weekend or for beverages at your local pub or club
ye man i'l go out saturday i just got payed my Beer token's
by xxboi-cxx August 26, 2009