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A Todayist is a follower of the religion/political ideology Todayism founded in 2002. Todayist follow the quintessential saying “live everyday as it is your last", while embracing a realist approach, by seeing that shit happens in the world, so might as well enjoy the moment. Todayist embrace and or open to hear and appreciate different thoughts and opinions of others, however do not condemn others to unknown fates such as hell or heaven. For the religious side of things, Todayist are individuals who are sceptical of whether or not there is a god, but do not believe that the direction, practices and scriptures of the church in any religion will result in salvation in the after life. Although there is no god for Todayist in the way that there is an established belief system like other religions, a life lived with no regrets will result in gains and or losses in the after life if there is one or a better or worst form if we are reincarnated. Therefore, a Todayist is a person who acknowledges that shit happens and we can only live for today but hope for a tomorrow, but if there isn't one than we have lived a life without regrets and can engage in what may face us in the end.
John is a Todayist because he supports {Todayism} and its ideas.
by Da_Gr8_One_JM July 08, 2009
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