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A Toaster Scrambler is a room full of hot sweaty men either naked or partially clothed and derives from the Pillsbury treat Toaster Scramblers. The scene gets it name from the tasty treat due to the Pillsbury item involving a large amount of usually meaty items packed into a hot steamy, doughy, and toasted environment. A toaster scrambler is in no way, shape or form gay although there appear to be many homoerotic undertones accompanying it in the varying cultures where these scenes of sweat, stench, and abundant man meat appear.
Leah: You will never believe what I walked into at the YMCA tonight.
Steve: What happened?
Leah: I took a right when I was supposed to take a left and I walked right into a toaster scrambler that looked like it dated back at least to the 1940's.
by Let'sGetTropical July 02, 2013
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