kettlle o hepple basically means ur kettle is shite cause its from tesco and not john lewis
this kettlle o hepple is fucking shit mate i cant believe it was preownd n free!
by falling tooth K dog February 28, 2019
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IPA: ˈhɛˌpl̩

v. heppled, heppling

To cast Power Word: Shield on everyone in the raid, do less healing than the hunters, and then get offended when anyone makes any suggestions on how to be a better healer

Classical Latin (Hepilis, meaning "to act childishly") > Vulgar Latin (Hepilum) > Old Norman (Héple) > English
Natural History, by Pliny the Elder, Lib. XIII

In the same manner, too, Elpis, a native of Samos, on landing from a vessel on the coast of Africa, observed a lion near the beach, opening his mouth in a threatening manner; upon which he climbed a tree, and proceeded to Hepple himself.
by Elerin December 10, 2019
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