IPA: ˈpʊl ə ˈbɔ ˌbi

v., Idiomatic

1. To complain about not getting loot, even though you never asked for loot, and to expect others to ask on your behalf

2. To refuse to bring the necessary pots to raid and then be surprised when you do not make core

3. Chiefly British To /gquit so hard that you switch to another server
First recorded in 1647 by Milton:

"Stand not amazed: the prince will doom thee death if thou art taken: hence, be gone, away! Make haste to pull a Bobbi, and leave this place anon!"
by Elerin December 09, 2019
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commenting on a Facebook status or photo from a long time ago in order to revive the topic and/or create a new one on the other persons status or photo.
mmhhmm a notification.......wtf. that was my status from like a year ago..........he must be pulling a bobby..........
by sAnCaRLoS4lIFe June 13, 2011
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Someone who quickly becomes a burn out, a sell out, or a hypocrite after they have achieved a small dose of success from shout-outs from a famous YouTuber on YouTube. Then, quickly becomes extremely entitled because they think they're more important than they really are. Bobby Burns was a good YouTuber who used to make good content, but let fame go to his head way too much and thinks he's now famous. So, he stopped making videos that made him famous in the first place and focus on appearing commercial-friendly to gain subscribers. Do not be like Bobby.
You are an original YouTuber who creates quality content, please don't pull a Bobby Burns on us.
by UsedToBeYourFan May 08, 2018
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Referring to the incident on Celebrity Fit Club, Season 7, The Art of War episode in which after Bobby Brown yells "Game Day", he shits his pants.
-Pulling a Bobby Brown
-Pulled a Bobby Brown
1)OMG I was a second away from pulling a Bobby Brown!
2)Dude just pulled a Bobby Brown while doing sit ups!
3)c'mon, don't pull a Bobby Brown on me
by krl0309 March 09, 2010
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