When you can't go on anymore & have to drop the weight.
Used to describe amount of reps the person does until he fails to do anymore.
Used commonly in body building lingo.
Guy1: Now finish with dumbbell fly
Guy2: How many reps?
Guy1: To Failure
Guy2: aight...
by Strong Chuy July 26, 2009
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What Steven He is
9-year-old Steven: Don't say failure!

Steven's dad aka substitute teacher: *waits for 2-3 awkward silence*

by spectre729 May 2, 2021
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Dad: Did you pass your exam?
me: No Dad, i didn't
Dad: Well your a failure to this family you uncultured swine!
by UnnecessaryName April 25, 2017
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Teacher: Can anyone give an example of a failure?
Kid: You
by pressftopayrespects March 9, 2018
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