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Tjasa, Tjaša, or Tyasha is a first name diminutive of Tatjana, which originated from a Roman saint Titus Tatius.
Name Tjasa belongs to a group of ...asha names that originated from Russia and Eastern Europe.

Eg. Sasha and Natasha.
Name Tjasa belongs to an exotically mystical female, who never is what she looks like. Tjasa will fool you every time. You might think she looks like a princess from the Eastern World when in reality she is a lion tamer from the Alps... Get the picture?
Respect is a helpful attitude if you find yourself next to a female by this name.
by The Witty Librarian February 03, 2010
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Tjasa is that girl who is secretly hot to you and you wanna date. It’s that kind of girl that makes you crazy in most posible good way. She is a secret, you need to reveal slovely. There are many layers on her, but if you are persistent you will reveal every layer. And at the end you will fuck this hot girl. At the same time she will be your ride or die. Beacuse with Tjasa you will have the time of your life.
She is like a secret. Basically she is “Tjasa”
by crazylifer March 10, 2018
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