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When someone gets an animal killed on a game, and/or loses something very important. On their mind he/she thinks it was on accident, but we(players)think it was on purpose because we are mad that they should of known better.
Ex. ARK: Survival Evolved (Game)

Tribe Mate 1- Im going to go get Crystal on lava island *rides on a random pteranodon*

Tribe Mate 2- Ok don't get it killed, it took me a long time to find and tame that pteranodon.

Tribe Mate 1- No promises, but ill try *2mins later*

*your lvl 243 pteranodon was killed by a lvl 15 Titanboa*

Tribe Mate 1- OMFG!!! Im getting off, bye guys.

Tribe Mate 2- Omfg, WTF were you thinking ?!?!
*Tito has left*

Tribe Mate 3- He just Titofied your Pteranodon!

Tribe Mate 2 - SMH, im never letting him ride my pteranodon again!

Tribe Mate 3- what did you have on your pteranodon?

Triibe Mate2 - Alot of Ascendant items that we gathered and i was in the middle of making a vault for them but then he just took off with it

Tribe Mate 3- Damn, it took us a long time to get those. Idk what he was thinking. When he comes on again im saying he it was his fault. He should of checked before he got on it.
by Killa_AvengeR July 18, 2017
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