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Performed either during foreplay or sex, Titillatio is when you're titty fucking the woman in question and, assuming her boobs are big enough, she also performs fellatio on you while your penis is between her breasts. A very good time-saving tool for quickies.
Hey baby, i know we're having sex and all but I have to be back at work in ten minutes. Your boobs are pretty big. While you're down there why don't you do a titillatio? That way we can kill two birds with one stone.
by Cueball Ace December 07, 2010
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Titillatio is a pleasure which, in so far as it is related to the body, consists in one or more of the body's parts being affected more than the rest, namely, dem titties.
1) P69: Titillatio can never be good in so far as it is restricted to a part of the body and not the body in it's entirety.

2) "hey bro, I gave that girl some mind* blowing** titillatio on Friday night."

* "the idea of the body and the body, that is (by P13), the mind and the body, are one and the same individual. IIP21S

** Not to be confused with titto-fellatio, which is tittyfucking, with some mouth stuff.

There is no need for me to deal more

clearly, or at greater length, with this subject.
by Baruch_SpinoJ_69 August 29, 2017
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