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n. (tûrp).

Definition 1: An audible release of air derived from pockets of air caught between two individuals during intercourse. The sound is most commonly derived from the stomach or chest area and during a very heated and sweaty session. The sound is similar to a flatulence.

Definition 2: This sounds may also be derived from the sucking noise of two bodies separating during intercourse.
ex. 1. John was laying on Jane during a respite in their hot passionate love making. As he pushed himself to get a soda a loud tirp erupted between them and they both laughed excitedly.

ex. 2. Betty was getting sixty-nined by Bob. As Betty wriggled in ecstasy they began tirp veraciously.

ex. 3. Wanna tirp? (Invite to intercourse)

ex. 4. Diane tirped Dale.

ex. 5. They starting tirpiing. (Euphemism)
by UNLV MBA Class of 2012-20013. November 08, 2010
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