To have no "Wheels", Not a bad thing. Commonly used as a joke to reply to the question "Got Wheels?". Can be used to describe objects, such as cars, wagons, anything with wheels, so as to come back at the question "Got Wheels?"
Guy 1: "Yo Man, Got Wheels?"
Guy 2: "Naww, I'm Tireless"

Guy 1: " I have a Tireless car man"
Guy 2: "Oh man No Wheels!"
by JHB11 February 12, 2011
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Magic: the Gathering slang Coined during Odyssey-block limited, referring collectively to bad limited Magic players.

Less-skilled Magic players frequently reveal their skill level to good players by playing bad one-mana creatures on turn one, and Tireless Tribe is a bad one-mana creature from Odyssey block.
My opponent hoisted his Tireless Tribe banner with a turn-one Goblin Mountaineer.
by milesmason777 August 11, 2009
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The type of person who must ALWAYS have the last word, and will always have a comeback. Stubborn to the point any fact, statement, or argument, if effective they can wear down their opponents to the point of tears through systematic counter attacks against their logic (or by being a Smart Ass). If ineffective they turn anything into an annoying never ending bout of pointless squabbling. If two should meet expect Option 2.

Most common online, but can be seen in real life.

Forum Tennis is often the chief sport of the Tireless Rebutter, often going on for many days if not months of posts and conversations.
Person 1: My position is that X is Y.
Tireless Rebutter : X is Z.
Person 1: No it's Y.
Tireless Rebutter 2: No it's Z because of W.
Person 1: W doesn't mean X, that's V.
Tireless Rebutter: No that's false also because...

---Win----- (50 posts later)
Tireless Rebutter: That is why your mother doesn't love you, your pets hate you, and X is Z.
Person 1: Make it stop!

----Lose----- (200+ posts later)
Tireless Rebutter 1: No you're wrong.
Tireless Rebutter 2: No you're wrong.
Tireless Rebutter 1: No you're wrong.
Tireless Rebutter 2: No you're wrong.
Mod: STFU already! THREAD LOCK
by Rmind June 26, 2010
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