A cute , smart , funny, girl that all the girls want to be friends with. She has a nice body and an awesome athlete. All the guys want her. But only a few can get her. She is probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Any guy would be lucky to have her. She has the cutest smile you'll ever see. She is so perfect that if you cant deny walking up and saying hello. But its too sad because she is taken. She has guys comment cute stuff on her pictures on instagram but she only wants one guy. That guy is the luckiest guy in the world
Guy 1: " Hey dude have you heard about Tionne?
Guy 2: " Yea bro everybody knows her she is so beautiful."
by Og.lefty615 July 7, 2015
After Someone Hears What You Said And Still Ask You What Did You Just Say You Tell Em Tionne
Person 1 :You Bro We Out To The Party
Person 2 : What
Person 1 : TIONNE
by TraySwervo August 20, 2018