Very underappreciated female breasts, in sizes ranging from <A cup to B cups.
Way too many men don't realize that there is such a thing as too big.
Small breasts are beautiful things.
by Clayton Bigsby December 20, 2005
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If Tony Tiger were describing them He would say "Tiny Tits are GREAT!" Also Tits larger than a mouthful is a waste
I've never seen a woman who's tiny tits turned me off, but I have seen women who's huge tits were a huge turn-off. Differences of oppions is what makes us human.
by IrishAce July 20, 2008
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the kind of boobs (tits) that when you see look at a girl it's just like a little hump. Not the kind of hump as in sex, more like when the girl wears a strapless dress it looks like the dress will just slip off. the kind of boobs that you don't need to see cleavage to like them, if you do see cleavage it's nice. the kind of boobs that it's not more than a hand full, one of the best boobs ever
Tiny tits are my favorite things to look for.
by Lego-man July 11, 2008
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tits very similar to gina's and have hair all around the outer edge of the nipple, also known as ape tits
Your tits are tiny tim tits, look at that hair!
by Paul Foley December 5, 2006
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