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1.)term for a child that is a sort of practical Joker.
2.)an inappropiate term for an old person that is being extermely annoying.

1.) e.g. I can't believe you bathed the cat in beet juice , you little Tinker Tot, You!
2.) e.g. Be quiet and go play with your garden you old Tinker Tot!
by A.Enraged April 29, 2008
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A tinkertot is a person significantly younger than you are.
I'm so sick of tinkertots always being in my inbox. I prefer my men older than me, not younger.
by MzNique91 February 01, 2017
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a boy who will seem really sweet just to get into your pants then he will cheat on you and call you a bitch.
o my god can you believe tinkertot cheated on her?!?!?! what a dick
by rebel baby February 12, 2009
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