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The ultimate description of some sensation of awesomeness and being epic. The word in itself is hard to be described but can be used in a large magnitude of conversation situations.

e.g. your winning a game and you say "Im tinging!"
"How much have you drunk man?"
"Fucks knows but im Tinging!

"That new bands tinging!"
by Trey25 November 18, 2011
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The unique ring tone a cell phone emits to signal an incoming text message.
Hey dude, your phone is tinging.
by ggatlanta June 21, 2009
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Cheap bling that is fake and someone is proud of it
To you ain't. Rocking some bling your tinging
by Slayer123123 October 13, 2011
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The combination of the words 'typing' and 'singing'. Occurs most notably when one types out the lyrics of a song for lack of other means of communicating the music.
I was trying to write an essay last night but she kept tinging move shake drop.
by Dj Yahia January 28, 2008
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When you text lyrics to a song, like you’re singing on text
I was tinging the song Thank u, next to my friend Nick.
by queen boss b December 24, 2018
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