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An effect similar to Beer Goggles, in which your increased level of hornyness results in you lowering your standards of attraction when using Tinder. The result is usually a post-orgasm you recoiling in horror when you discover who you would have potentially slept with had you continued on your current path.
I was super ready to go over to this guy's house and "watch a movie" before I rubbed one out and realized he is a mailman with a missing front tooth. Whew, Tinder Goggles almost got me again.
by Tinder McTinder October 16, 2017
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When someone is hotter on their Tinder profile than in real life. Similar in effect to beer goggles.
Yeah, she seemed pretty bangin' when we matched, but on Facebook she just looks like the Michelin man with nipples. Must've had the tinder goggles on.
by definitelynotatalkingrectum March 18, 2017
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