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A bit of a weirdo at times, but is a great kisser. You can never stay mad at him for long, and if do, then he will make all attempts to regain you as a friend. You normally have about 3 tries for him to be your friend. And if he can't succeed, then you become his enemy. And he will make you regret you ever turned him down. He normally plays cycological warfare, and rarely uses physical weapons, but does normall have a weapon that no one wants to mess with. Usually teeth, or punches. Hates being ignored and will do a lot to gain friendship. Will always be a bit crazy, sometimes being a bit unreasonable, but no matter what anyone else thinks, he will carry on. He is determined and never lies, will never give up and is cute also. If your lucky enough to get a Timothy Smith in your life, keep him. Hold him tight because if you like him, chances are he likes you back. Bit of a player also, but is loyal to his friends. May also sometimes be contravertial, in being completely out of touch with society, and will need a lot of sexual terms explaining to him. Consider that it may also be a front. Will love almost anyone, but a bit shy also. He will never ask out a girl, but chances are, he is waiting for her to ask him. May also flirt to speed up prosess, but very subtelly. Very clever, very handsome, very cute and very weird as noone but himself understands him.
Person 1- dude, look at that weirdo over there!
Person 2- yeah. But he's really clever and quite cute.
Person 1- yeah. I know. I want to be a Timothy Smith too
by TheNiceDiscriber October 14, 2013
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