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The Timmy TeBowl is when you smoke a bowl of medical marijuana laced with kief and hash oil.

The first known bowl was sparked in North Fair Oaks, CA.

Tim Tebow, who does not smoke medical marijuana, has been a commonly linked to medical marijuana.
I got hella oil lets smoke a timmy tebowl!
by baby slip April 17, 2012
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Smoking a bowl of weed, keif, and hash/oil. The term was originated in North Fair Oaks Redwood City, CA. Also known as the Timmy T-business.

The combo of all three makes you want to #Tebow after a fat pull.

Tim Tebow does not smoke himself but has been passing drug tests for teammates since he redshirted at the University of Florida.

"Sucka-O" or "The Only Sucka I Know" was the first person to take a hit of the Timmy TeBowl. He
Ay dog my cousin made some oil, lets spark a Timmy TeBowl.

Wanna do a dab? Naw pack a Timmy TeBowl.

Hey Tim here's the cup. I'm gonna spark this Timmy T-Business with the receivers.

Daaaawg this Timmy TeBowl got me FUUUCKED up.
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Flower, keif, and hash all smoked together.

Popular combination in the Bay Area.

No actual relation to the football player however Tim was known for passing drug tests on the Florida gators for players which include Riley Cooper, Janoris Jenkins, and Aaron Hernandez.
Omg I can't stop coughing after I hit the timmy tebowl!
by Captain Obvious 650 August 26, 2013
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