A festive and joyous occasion bolstered by a general office malaise and often instigated by a henchman who provides a pacifying distraction remedied by the nuturing promise of Tim Horton's coffee and donuts.
i'm really tired and bored, i havnt done dick in an hour.... can we go for a Timmy's Run!!??
by Erik Schrobilgen January 4, 2009
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To make a run to "timmies" (Tim Hortons) for coffee, lunch, etc. Often put upon the lowest office worker on the food chain who is sent out to get beverages for his/her coworkers.
by FemmeVive March 9, 2011
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A word from originatiing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which means: To ask someone to chill and drive around for an undefined period of time while at some point stopping for Tim Hortons, usually for an Ice Cap, Boston Cream Donut, and some type of Danish, and eventually at some point come to an end when one of the people who are driving end up driving to the others house and the other person dipping. Can also be excecuted as a reason to sneak out and chill with someone at 1 in the morning.
Purple Hyandai Accent Driver: "Timmys Run?"

Friend: "Im down"
by LatitudeAttitude August 4, 2010
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