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Timehin or Olutimehin meaning "The Lord is my Shepard" is known for his uncontrollable awesomeness and his ridiculous good looks... Some say that when graced by Timehin's presence an ongoing euphoric feeling overtakes them. Scholars have studied Timehin for years and have seen nothing like him... When he walks, a divine aura follows him. Even at night this glow can be seen for miles. Call him God, call him man, or call him PERFCTION in human form
"Timehin is the only person that can give me an orgasm without touching me..."

"Timehin needs to write a book about his awesomeness..."

"I feel so happy and i dont know why... oh I talked to Timehin yesterday"
by Afican prince March 23, 2008
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an extremely conceited person who thinks the most important things he says are about him.
Friend: oh, i just broke my arm yesterday
Timehin: man I remember one time I broke my blender and I couldn't make my smoothies.
I was so sad but you know that didn't stop me from drinking something else that was "fruity"..if you know what i mean.
by TlkRealSht July 12, 2008
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