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Something that takes a lot of your time and effort in order to be completed. Fequently used in MMORPGS to make customers play longer, thus making them pay more. Time sinks are very, very, very, very, very bad.

DAOC or Dark Age of Camelot is the king of the time sink.
I have been trying to level this artifact for the past 10 years. I love this time sink.
by Krom September 23, 2004
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Something that takes up a lot of time and produces few or no tangible results. Usually a website.

In general, a waste of time.
(Choose one: Facebook, MLIA, FML) is such a timesink.
by Novarri November 11, 2009
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A website that is interesting enough to lead office workers to spend lot of the company time surfing that site.
"The Urban Dictionary is one big time sink. I spent two hours on that site and didn't get any work done.
by Phakebox September 15, 2005
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A term used for videogames that require a great amount of time to be invested in them. A defining characteristic of a time sink is that due to the immersiveness of the game, the time spent playing these games feels small when in reality, the gamer has been playing for hours.
Do NOT play Civilization 4 or Oblivion. Those games are such time sinks that when you finsih, you'll be paying for your next game with your retirement checks.
by R. Kemp June 03, 2006
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Anything which takes up a lot of your time. I can be homework, a diy project, a tv show, or even a ridiculously long nap. It can be enjoyable, or even productive, but it requiers sinking a lot of time into it... therefore timesink.
I decided to start baking my own bread... didn't realise it was such a timesink.

Mad Men is great, but it is such a timesink.
by ddude700 January 31, 2011
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A person that is high maintenance, not from a financial viewpoint, but from an unacceptable demand on your time. Most often a client that requires an inordinate amount of hand-holding, explanations, or wooing.
I had to back away from that time sink. She was already into me for 8 hours before I wrote even one line of code.
by Li'l Scotty March 23, 2007
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