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A Beautiful goddess of a woman, who handles her own, and doesn't take shit from nobody.

Typically very independent, and trustworthy.
That girl is definitely a Timara, I wish I was like her!
by GoddessT January 07, 2017
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Timara is beautiful out going, sometimes quiet women. She is a girl known as to be very protective and sensitive women over her loves ones. Timara also is a strongly aggressive fighter sort of like a American Pit-Bull Terrier. She's known as a man taker and strongly doesn't have girls liking her more of them being haters. She's productive and about her business and doesn't pay no mind too no other female but her and herself.
<Timara>She doesn't care.
by BubblesLove101 January 02, 2017
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Timara is a strong loving sometimes bad ass bitch, shes independent and very smart, Can be very stubborn but trustworthy. She’ll also be very honest so be prepared. She has talent and is very much like a goddess. She’s a queen at everything she does and has very beautiful eyes. Everyone is jealous of her. They wished to be like her. Sometimes doesn’t care at all.
by Kyutae May 16, 2018
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