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The index and middle finger inserted in the vagina, creating a “bent V” hand shape to stimulate the G spot.

I gave this chick who was on the rag the tiger claw last night.
by NotsoKoolAid84 December 11, 2005
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the act of making a grabbing motion on an unsuspecting friends chest as if you are ripping their heart out.

other techniques consist of different animal features
David: you just cant Tiger-Claw! someone while there staring at you Kevin. you have to wait till they arnt suspecting it.
(travis walks up)
Travis: TIGER-CLAW! (grabs david's chest with "tiger claw hand")
David: like that....
by Nature_Boy_29 October 16, 2009
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1.A powerful kick swung into the victim's crotch from behind, while they are unaware of your presence.
The motion is performed with a running start. The leg is swung upwards, punting the victim's crotch.
The victim is usually reduced to a crumpled mass of quivering flesh, holding his or her crotch, in massive pain.

Related to: tiger strike

2.Referance to "Legend of the Tiger's Claw" an amateur film that is in production, created by a pair of Canadian high school students, inspired by a friend's kung fu style antics, and the tiger claw attack described above.


-"Haha! That guy got tiger clawed right in the sack!!"
by Trawn January 26, 2006
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A sudden and surprising blow delivered by the palm of the hand while shouting "Tiger Claw!". Most effective on friends and bystanders idly waiting or eating. Usually performed by middle class Caucasian boys having absolutly no formal martial arts training but wishing nonetheless to be cool like Bruce Lee.
Matt tiger clawed me in the shoulder while I slurped hot soup.
by Dauntless June 10, 2005
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