the turning of a tide that encourages consumption, and misunderestimates the compassion of our country... and also misunderestimated the will and determination of our commander in chief too.
George Bush quote "I think Tide Turning as i remember, i was raised in the desert, but it's easy to see a tide turn.... did i say those words?"
by TheEndOfWaterAsWeKnowIt November 14, 2010
means .... 'Circumstances have now changed' - 'All bets are off' ... LOL!

other ...

but .... 'when the tide turns', you say the opposite!!
That WMD were NOT found in IRAK has caused 'the tide to turn'. People now have 'less' faith in the 'coalition of the willing' and their standing has dropped with the majority.

means: change
by Ross Bradley March 31, 2005