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A subculture created of individuals who are of, what most people would consider, a 'mature' or understanding age; who commit acts of immaturity. These particular acts of immaturity done by these people often seem minor at first glance, but can, and more often then not, be damaging to the individual, those around them, or property. The acts are done, and encouraged, for the hopes of being funny, trendy, liked, or 'in' (particularly on social media and other online opportunities). The behavior however is viewed by most as immature, idiotic, dangerous, or annoying.

The most common acts of this group include eating non edibles, or things they know should not be eaten: Soaps and detergents, urinal cakes, cleaners,bath salts, and motor oils. There's also physical acts: Punching or harming of an individual (be it themselves or another) for the only purpose of filming or being funny, painting or maiming and animal, knocking over stands and items in stores or on private property.

These individuals will often receive little to no sympathy from other when they receive the consequences of their own actions.
"Hey dude, wanna dare me to swallow this gum off the ground?"
"Not really man. That whole Tide Pod Culture thing is rather stupid."
by Siamese712 May 10, 2018
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