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A woman that realized her past mistakes do not define her. Their petty actions and childish behavior (as seen in description above). She is loving and wishes anyone she ever wronged a sincere apology and only wish they speak to her directly instead of listening to childish people.
Ticy is judged buy an ex that hides from his actions ands tells tall tales to ensure hatred towards her.
by Only the kids act like that December 01, 2017
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a thrilling and exciting yet laid back person, someone with a smile to kill and a heart of gold. a lover, giver, and strong provider for her family. pronounce ty-see
Ticy is a great provider for her and her son.
by ticy August 14, 2008
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Ticy, is the type of woman who lives off of child support. A woman who has to have a man support her.
She is hooking up with him cause he has money, she is pulling a Ticy!!!!
by Ibeenthere October 14, 2014
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