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Tibbler meaning a mildly sexual term. It can be used at random, as an exclamation, or even as an insult to someone. It can disguise the word sex, and make it so that you can curse unnoticed. Random blurts of this term induce laughter, as a seemingly random combination of letters. But, it is in fact, a name. So be weary when using this, but know that it fits best for perverted sentences and awkward silence-breaking. Tibbler is an uncommon word, but when it is used, it is used by the finest of perverts, and of the best conversational people.

Originally a user name for a really hot guy on myspace. He has to have credit for the original usage of this Pronoun. It is not meant to be offensive, but a complementary statement!
"You had tibbler with HIM?"


"You're such a Tibbler, Bob."

"His Username is Tibbler type it into the browser, he is such a studmuffin."
by xXGoldenXx December 08, 2009
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