Tiamat’s Rehabilitation, also Tiamat Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation of Tiamat, is an idea and concept of Tiamatism that seeks on the rehabilitation and reformulation of goddess Tiamat into no longer as an evil Dragon or as a demon but as a primordial goddess with several forms and personalities. Tiamat’s Rehabilitation also seeks to rehabilitate Tiamat inside sumerian neopaganism and recover her role as an Important goddess and even write a whole modern and new mythology related to Tiamat such as write about her spiritual and philosophical teachings such as the ones of Tiamatism. Tiamat’s Rehabilitation also believes that Tiamat should be rehabilitated into a good and beautiful goddess and that’s the primordial personification of nature, universe and existence and the unity between physical-extraphysical, material-extramaterial and natural-extranatural.
“Tiamat’s Rehabilitation is a really good concept and idea, it might take some years or even decades until it completely start inside sumerian neopaganism and anunnakism. But that’s a great start related to herself and to the tiamatite ones.”
by Full Monteirism May 20, 2021
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