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also spelt as Durga or Dhurga: In Hinduism, Durga (दुर्गा, "the inaccessible"1 or "the invincible") or Maa Durga (Mother Durga) "one who can redeem in situations of utmost distress".citation needed Durga is a form of Devi, the supremely radiant goddess, depicted as having ten arms, riding a lion or a tiger, carrying weapons (including a lotus flower), maintaining a meditative smile, and practicing mudras, or symbolic hand gestures.She is the goddess that kills your demons.

Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe and believed to be the power behind the work of creation, preservation, and destruction of the world. Since time immemorial she has been worshipped as the supreme power of the Supreme Being and has been mentioned in many scriptures - Yajur Veda, Vajasaneyi Samhita and Taittareya Brahman.
1. Praise Mother Thurga/Durga/Dhurga!
2. Thurga/Durga/Dhurga will rid of all evil!
by DivineBeingDurga February 04, 2010
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