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A Modern Age religion believe to have come into existence sometime during November of 2008. The basic idea of the faith is that Tupac and Biggie, of the respective East and West Coasts, are the last great prophets of our world, and that information regarding the future can be obtained through the study of their lyrics. Many other great "thugs" are included in the hierarchy of icons in Thugology. Many of these icons have yet to be included somewhere with an appropriate title issued by the Founders (Dalton "Deez Nuts" Josh "Jammin' Yo Wife" and Patrick "Pen Island") of Thugology. The most common way to spot a member of Thugology is their frequent voicing of the phrase "Thug Life" accompanied by a fist in the air.
Non-Thug: Dude, I wish I knew of an awesome new religion that somehow relates to my favorite rapper!
Thugman: You like Tupac and Biggie?
Non-Thug: Duh!
Thugman: Try Thugology!
by Gangstafarian Daw-n December 04, 2008
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