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Someone who thinks he's a thug and badass by acting like a complete idiot and performing stupid and cowardly acts.

Someone who doesn't know the difference between being cool/thug/badass and being a jerk/idiot/asshole/coward. A person who will most likely stay a loser for the rest of his life if he doesn't learn the difference.

A loser who tries to stand out by doing idiotic/dangerous/harmful things and thinks that they make him look cool.

A wannabe thug who's really a lugnut or idiot.

A portmanteau of the insult "lugnut" and the term "thug". Also, the word "nut" is similar to the word "not", implying that the person is not really a thug. Also implies that they are about as badass as a real thug's left nut.
That guy thinks he's so cool, but everyone makes fun of him behind his back. What a thugnut.

Wearing thug clothes, acting like an asshole, and picking on people doesn't make you cool. You're a thugnut, a poser, and a coward.

That thugnut who hit that teacher is going to jail. What a way to show you're tough by hiding behind your friends and punching an innocent person.
by NotaNovice October 09, 2012
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when a black mans balls are the size of an egg, he has thug nuts
"Wow! That gangster really has thug nuts!"
"I wish my nuts were that big!"
by PPHRD October 15, 2018
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