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Thug Money is the ill-est, thug-est, and toughest kid you will ever meet. He likes playing football and laying kids out on special teams. Thug Money fucks mad bitches such as his favorite beefy black girlfriend named Tracy. Thug Money will start major shit if anyone steals his ipod, if you steal it he will fuck you up real bad and he ain't joking. He looks like such a boss with his "Mr. T" lineup/ mo-hawk combination hairstyle. This kid is the real deal, when kids like the "22 year-old dike"(Big Mikey) try to throw ranch salad dressing over his head he will start major shit. Kid is also known as the X-Factor on a football team and does not like being called a Nigger even though he isn't even black. Get Thug Money out on that field and its a guaranteed victory.
Person 1: "Yo who's that X-Factor over there with his hooded sweatshirt that has a bill on it?"

Person 2: "Dude i think that's Mr. T"

Person 3: "You guys are idiots, Thats Thug Money he's a beast at football but dont take his ipod or he will fuck you up and he's not kidding"

Person 1 and Person 2: "Uh-oh we better not fuck with him"
by ThugMoneysHomie52 November 20, 2010
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Thug Money is a slang word or rather a vernacular term, that is used to describe good weather.
For example a friend could ask: "Hey, what's the weather like outside today?". Someone could reply using "Go check for yourself its so Thug Money today."

Or in simpler terms state "Thug Money" to the friend.
by MysticRidge March 28, 2016
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