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A syndrome where the person is put into a mindset that they are a gangster or a thug. They dress like fags and are usually wannabe ghetto people. Symptoms prominent are:
-Trouble moving on
-Trouble roasting/making roasts
-Difficulty resisting the urge to vandalize everything
-Constantly stirring shit up
-Dresses like a fag
-Always thinking they are superior over everyone
-Stuck to the same old shit, just in different words
-Can't mentally grow up
-Throwing gang signs everywhere/getting jumped by gangs
-Fake ass tough guy (giant walking vagina)
These symptoms are most prominent, there may be more complicated syndromes that are undiscovered.
Look at that fag, he's got Thug's Syndrome.
Yeah man, he couldn't fight anyone for shit.
by Classy, Not Sassy January 07, 2016
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