Throwing a Frisbee is a social ploy to leave two prospective mates alone. As in, if you and these two would be lovers are out with your friends, and the sparks start to fly, you might say "Who's up for a game of Frisbee?" knowing those little happy pucks aren't going to jump in, thereby leaving them to make out wildly.
Bob: Hey, Jim, thanks for throwing that frisbee for me and that Betty. I needed some alone time.
Jim: Don't worry about it, dawg. I know you needed some booty.
by jonquill December 2, 2004
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1: The motion in which you pretend to masturbate.
2: Not caring or giving any fucks
Connor: Adam your going to fail that test if you don't study.
Adam: I'm throwing frisbees bro.
by jibbodh November 28, 2011
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It means to take the hint/ go for it

It is also a rad sex move involving hammocks, duct tape and whip cream
Dude you should really just throw her the frisbee

Just give her a wink and toss her the frisbee
by Gtfoofmyface September 7, 2015
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To have sex secretly in one's empty house; often associated with cheating in a relationship.
John: Hey babe you wanna go throw frisbee later? My parents aren't going to be home.
Maddy: Sure, just don't tell your girlfriend!!!
by KneeSocksForLife March 4, 2014
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