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A friendship revolving almost solely around the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" or the TV series "Game of Thrones".

It can include multiple persons, both male and female.

The key characteristic of a throneship is that the topic of conversation inevitably shifts from the mundane to Game of Thrones, including background material, conspiracy theories and speculated outcomes of The Game. Often includes a long silence after polite conversation (greetings, how are you ? etc) runs out, and then a weak attempt at some other topic (often the weather) before returning to the thing all parties involved wish to talk about, the books or tv series.

Includes the requirement to request that a conversation starts with "throneing", skipping the preamble. The request often uses the term "Throne it up."
"Me and Stephen aren't friends, we have a throneship. We only talk about Game of Thrones."
"I throneship so hard with Stephen, yesterday we talked for hours about Tyrion Lannister and what's going to happen to him."
"All those in my throneship agree, Joffrey is a little bastard."
"Me and Stephen Throned it up so hard last night. We have such a good throneship."
by Ned Stark's Bastard July 18, 2013
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