Someone who has millions of dollars, but, due to boredom and a need for thrills, must do daredevil-type stunts.
"I think the chances are that he's no longer with us," Thrillionaire #1 Richard Branson said of his friend, Thrillionaire #2 Steve Fossett. "I think everybody involved has pretty well given up hope, sadly."
by Deirdre (DeDe) Daniels November 04, 2007
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One who understands the true priceless value in life, the experience and all it offers. Not to be confused with materialistic goods that break, are stolen, or go out of fashion, but rather the Thrill of Life's amazing experiences.

One who lives for the Thrill fearlessly.
They say the street poet Heavens Fugitive was the first Thrillionaire to use the term Thrillionaire.

Life begins at 200mph; Thrillionaire style.
by Heavens Fugitive May 15, 2012
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