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The perfect pregame for Fifa players. Team winning at the end of the game must finish 3 beers (preferably Natural Light) to avoid forfeit and ensure victory. Beers may not be cracked until the first whistle blows, no drinking at halftime, and watch all replays. Mid-game vomiting results in forfeit yet is completely legal post-game. Should a player/team lose 5-0 or worse they must write an apology letter to all parties involved. Trash talking encouraged.
"Yo you trying to play some Threefa tonight."

"Hell ya, I'll threef for days.
by Blume167 January 18, 2013
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short term used for "3 for 10" when dealing with weed. Mainly in Houston and surrounding cities dealers sold sweets (pre rolled marijuana cigars) and to cut out the competition the had deal such as 5 for 20 and 3 for 10. This can be heard in older Texas rap as the threefa deals are hard to come by since the raising of tobacco prices.
"lets go get a threefa, them hoes better be fat"- Lucky Luciano

"Put a 3 for 10 in the wind" - Lil Bing
by 979 April 27, 2012
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