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3-Dub, or "Three-Dub"

Verbal short hand for WWW, the term was coined from the phrase Vee-Dub, being the popular name for the VolksWagon Bug."Vee-Dub bug"

So when verbalizing (Saying) a web address it is faster and flows better saying "Three-Dub Dot whatever dot com" Vs saying "double-you double-you double-you dot whatever dot com."
(On the phone) "Hey Mac, that site is at three-dub dot urbandictionary dot com."

(standing in person) "The site address is three-dub dot psyberwolf dot com"

Saying "double-you double-you double-you" is now shortened to saying "Three-Dub"
by Psyber Wolf December 24, 2007
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Used to describe a situation or a person that is not cool. Three Dubs stands for three W's (dubs), which go into wiggity wiggity whack, hence three dubs. Not only is it whack, it is superbly whack.
1. Me not getting my own way is so three dubs.
2. That girl over there is three dubs.

3. Do not hang around someone who is three dubs.
by blahblah2222 February 05, 2010
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