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Poker game variant related to Omaha Hold'em, widespread in Hispanic groups and introduced to Anglo groups in Baja California, Southern California, Northern Mexico, Texas and Arizona.

Players receive four private cards, three of which must be combined with two of the five community cards on the board to form a poker hand . Hence the name "Three in the Hand"

By comparison Omaha or "Two in the Hand" as it in sometimes known in Hispanic communities uses just two of the four private cards to combine with three of the five community cards on the board to form a poker hand.

Betting occurs after the initial deal of four cards, after the three card flop, after the turn card and after the river card.

Like Omaha the game is often played with a high low split. Local rule variants may apply to to qualifying the low or allowing any low even pairs. Some groups require that you declare low, high or both by placing none, one or two chips in your hand at the showdown. If you declare both you must win both not just one.
Juan couldn't keep up we where switching between: Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em, and Three in the Hand. He kept misreading his hand and tapped out early.

We play Omaha and "Two in the Hand", in "Two in the Hand" you have to declare like in "Three in the Hand" otherwise they are the same game.
by Mike the Monger October 21, 2009
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