Boring, little town in the mitten state where there is plenty of fast food, meijer, walmart and nothing to do.
person 1: "I'm from Three Rivers."
person 2: "I'm sorry."
by HarmonyB March 20, 2009
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Small Southwest Michigan town where JimBob, BillyJoe, BillyJean, and Maxwell call home. If you live on Roberts Mountain, then you may have a similar name. (Roberts Mountain being the garbage dump on Roberts road)
I was in Three Rivers last week visiting cuzin JimBob. We went fishing and then had a nice view of Three Rivers up top on Roberts mountain. The methane smell sure makes ya know you is alive.
by T_rump_supporter November 7, 2010
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Small south Texas town with nothing going on except a smelly gas refinery. Highlight is school sports, hunting & fishing. Choke Canyon Lake located on the outskirts of town...probably named from the choking smell of the refinery. Very little to see or do.
texas town smelly three rivers tx nueces frio atascosa rivers
by tamtam24 February 4, 2010
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When three men with full bladders pee perfusly on a unexected bystander and or sleeping person. This resembles the three rivers in Pittsburgh.
Person 1: "hey guys
Person 2+3:"whats up"
Person 1:"Josh passed out on the couch lets give him A Pittsburgh Three River"
Person 3:" haha yeah!"
Person 2:" he is going get drenched in piss"
by Cpat, CC, borris March 21, 2013
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An upper decker with fries and cole slaw added, a Pittsburgh tradition.
Damn, I did a Three Rivers in Joe’s crapper at the party the other night.
by Doc Fitz September 19, 2020
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