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A word for the highly intelligent. If there is a wild thot that stands in their path they may use this phrase to scare this wild beast away.
Person 1 : Oh no, theres a thot in our way!
Person 2: its ok. "Thot Be Gone!"
*Thot runs away in fear*
by Malikiee May 10, 2018
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Thot Be Gone is a company made by a team of people selling products to eliminate thots or hoes from existence,their featured products still in the making; thot spray, thot net,thot bag,thot bait and more which have not been shared to us.
they have an instagram so far and they are looking for funds to finish their products so they can be sold and put to justice @Thot_be_goneofficial on instagram
I used the "thot spray" to spray a thottie away with THOT BE GONE
by lilsoysauce May 10, 2018
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1:To tell a thot to go elsewhere.
2:To not desire a thot amongst your presence.
Her: I need 40 bucks Travis.
Him: Thotbegone. *goes back to sleep*
by Sprayfoamspaceman June 22, 2018
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